Encountering product rejections due to particulate contamination, cosmetic or geometric defects, and other undesirable issues disrupt product supply chains. Assem-Pak | Aluseal has a team of competent problem solvers, top-of-the-line machinery, and cleanroom technology to assess and resolve our customers’ problems quickly.

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Our customers rely on us for immediate response to their issues. We offer innovative solutions for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics, and personal care industries. We use our advanced cleanroom technology, reverse osmosis deionized (RODI) in-house water plant, washing assets, bottle labeling machinery, and other equipment to provide premium services.

We are a fast, efficient, and well-trained organization for properly inspecting containers or product components to separate acceptable products from unacceptable products. We are experts in naked eye and magnified inspection. We can identify the undesirable characteristics of products and reselect the right products for our customers.

Our people are highly qualified and experienced with inspection, measurement, and comparison of product components to ensure adherence to required specifications. We have the necessary tools for proper examination and prepare products for market launches.

Our plants are equipped with clean rooms, reverse osmosis deionized (RODI) in-house water plants, wash systems, and batch drying ovens to significantly reduce particulate contamination and bring vial containers to USP cleanliness standards.

We provide manual and semi-automatic cleaning services for packaging exteriors and product components of aluminum, glass, plastic, or pallets. We use industrial-grade cleaners to sanitize containers to meet cosmetic and cleanliness standards.

When products are nearing market launch, we finalize and prepare them by joining products with adhesives, piecing small components together, labeling products, and other general assembly tasks. We have substantial technical assets as well as machinery to accelerate the process.

We assist customers in selecting a variety of components and consolidating them into packaging devices of specific quantities. We perform consistent and accurate kitting services for an order of any size, small or large.

To make packaging more user-friendly, break down bulk packaging into smaller shippers, boxes, cartons, and more. We always repackage products right the first time and to complete customer satisfaction.

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